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Building a Foundation You Can Ride On
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Who else wants to train their own horse?
I did, and so can you!

Dear Fellow Horse Owner,
Have you been frustrated by horse training videos that show you: how it "should be" but never actually teach you how to do it yourself?

Your frustrations are over!
Our videos teach you the principles behind the methods. When you understand the principles:

  • You'll be able to figure out what to do in new situations.
  • You won't be trying to remember what to do for each and every thing your horse might do.

PLUS, when you buy one of our horse training DVDs, you also get:

  • FREE 60 min of Q's & A's to further help you understand the subtleties in horse training
  • PERSONAL answers to your questions about training issues you encounter

Long time horse trainer and teacher, Bob Dickinson has finally done what his students have been begging him to do. He has converted his most logical, sensible, and straightforward horse training methods into a series of clearly explained and demonstrated video lessons. Exactly what you need to become your own horse trainer.

Why Train Your Horse Yourself?
Besides saving money, when you do your own horse training, you reap these other benefits:

  • You will spend more time with your horse.
  • You will learn to communicate more effectively with your horse.
  • You will know that your horse hasn't been mistreated or subjected to harsh training methods.
  • You will be more confident in your abilities to interact with any horse.
  • You and your horse will become a better team.
  • You will have great satisfaction and pride in having done the training yourself.
  • You will be the envy of your friends who aren't willing to try doing it themselves.
Dave in Canada decided he wanted to be his own trainer, so he bought Part One of our series. He recently sent us a note and picture of himself working with his filly. You can see by her ears and her body language, that she is paying close attention to Dave and listening for his next cue.

Dave and his filly

Hello Mary and Bob,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say how well your methods are working on my horses. After watching your first DVD about ten times I decided to give it a try. I have a 5 yr old gelding quarter horse who is somewhat trained. I also own a 2 yr old Arabian filly that is just a ball of thunder.

I live in an area with lots of trainers around - a few of them friends of mine. They have been telling me for 6 months now that I should leave the training to the pros. I have seen some of the methods used on aggressive horses, and really did not want to subject my horses to this.

My spunky filly and I are always the topics of their jokes. Last night I had a few of them over for a beer. As always, we ended up down at the corral. I put a lead line on my quarter horse, and did the three lessons in your DVD that I had been using on him for less than a week. He performed wonderfully. Forwards and back matching my steps exactly, as well as going to the side in lesson three.

They stopped laughing when I put the line on my filly, and their jaws dropped when she and I danced around the pen, step for step never missing a beat, forward and back without any whip. Seeing that she was doing so well I decided the take off the line. She performed perfectly with no line. They all wanted to sit and watch my DVD :-) I gave them your web site and said you can buy your own copy if you want to learn to do it like a pro.

I really enjoy the bonding that happens when training, and feel I have a better understanding of my horses. I am looking forward to purchasing the next DVD on lunging, and continuing my training with my little filly.

Best wishes -- Dave Bronson, Quebec, Canada

To order, or to find out more about the DVDs Dave is referring to, go to our DVDs page.

Bob's Methods Work for ALL HORSES
Bob's step-by-step methods work for young horses, old horses, problem horses, english horses, western horses, miniature horses, donkeys, all breeds and all sizes. They will work with your horse too. We have yet to come across a horse that didn't respond positively to these teaching tools. Why? Because Bob's method teaches the horse in the horse's language.

Horses communicate with each other using NON-VERBAL cues. That's why it makes sense for us to learn the horse's language. The horse certainly thinks so! And so does respected author Mary Twelveponies when she says: "To be able to handle a horse well, you must be able to understand his language so you can listen to him intelligently ... If you are going to teach a horse anything, you have to be able to explain it to him in his language."

This is exactly what Bob Dickinson does. His teaching methods are based on NON-VERBAL cues coupled with the principles of natural horsemanship. Often referred to as the "Father of Natural Horsemanship," Tom Dorrance cautions us to have patience when he says: "It may seem like you will never get anything accomplished, but sometimes going slow is the quickest way to get there."

And when you get there, here's what Hall of Fame horseman Ray Hunt says you have: "In the end, when you ask your horse to do something, he wants to do it, he likes to do it, he understands how to do it, and he does it." That's harmony in every sense of the word.

Did you know that horses, by nature, are lazy? John Lyons says: "A horse will usually take the road of the least amount of work. Heís basically lazy. Just like you and me." So well said, John. And the well-known horse psychologist, Dr. Katherine Haupt at Cornell University has done the research to determine just how lazy horses are. But thankfully, horses are very trainable.

Bob takes advantage of the horse's laziness in his teaching methods. He sets up the lessons so that the horse always has several choices of what to do in response to the cue heís given. And the right choice (the one we want the horse to do) is always the easiest choice for the horse physically. Horses learn very quickly this way. They stay happy and develop that "want to" attitude we so desire.

Many other training methods use physical restraints to force the horse into doing what we want. Do you want to restrain your horse 100% of the time? Wouldn't you rather teach the horse so he understands what you are asking and then does it because he wants to?

No Need to buy Special Equipment
Do you want to be able to use the equipment you already have? With Bob's method, thereís no need to buy a round pen to work with your horse. And no need to buy special and expensive halters, lead ropes or "sticks." All you will need is the equipment you probably already have. Hereís all you need. Check off what you already have.

"I'm sold on Bob's horse training methods!" Jeannie's Sold on Our Videos
Jeannie and Magic

"...the time dedicated to building a proper foundation by establishing control on the ground....made the transition to riding much smoother and much more correct..."

Jeannie H., Honeoye Falls, NY

A halter
A bridle
A 6-8 ft cotton lead line, preferably without a chain
A longe line
A longe whip
A dressage length crop (about 36 inches long)
Doesn't matter if you ride Western or English, or if you are a pleasure rider or a competitive rider. Building a Foundation You Can Ride Onģ is just that ... it builds a strong foundation of respect, trust, and willingness to work which results in a safe and trusting horse as your riding partner. No gimmicks and no special equipment.

Why our Horse Training Videos are the BEST
Some horse training videos are nothing more than an unedited movie of a trainer working with a horse. This is because most trainers hire out the video production to non-horseman who just run the camera. Consequently, the video doesn't get edited and includes a lot of unnecessary standing around and gabbing that doesn't show you anything worthwhile. Iíve seen these kinds of videos and I'm sure you have too.

This is why we decided to spend the time and money to become professional video editors. Because we are now video editing experts as well as horse training professionals, we have been able to edit these videos and make a one-hour video with more in depth information than most 2-hour videos.

We show you just what you need to know and it is organized in the order that it needs to be taught to the horse. Each exercise is explained in great detail so that you know how to do the exercise properly and also know what to do when the horse gives the wrong response.

We've taken the time to edit out any parts that don't show anything new and different. Yes, we've left some of the repetition in because you need to understand that each exercise must be repeated until both you and the horse respond correctly, not only the first time, but the second and third time too.

And we didn't edit out the horse's incorrect responses. Knowing what to do when things don't go as you want -- when the horse finds a way to evade doing what you are asking -- well, that's the most important part of the learning process.

Also, we show you these exercises with a horse that hasn't done them before. This way you can see the different -- and often very creative -- evasions the horse tries.

Clear and Logical Explanations
Everyone preaches how it should be: balanced, light, responsive, etc. But it's rare to find someone that actually shows you the steps necessary to achieve this. We do.

"After 40 years of riding with countless instructors, I started working with Bob. His methods of teaching have profoundly changed the way I relate to my horses.
He explains everything so clearly that I finally understand the connection between what I need to ask, how to ask, and why.
As a result, I have well-mannered horses that are achieving their full performance potential."
Jean H., Victor, NY

Bob's system is clearly explained and logical to both you and your horse. In each DVD, the training is broken down into a series of lessons, and each lesson is reviewed before going on to the next one.

And we demonstrate just what we mean when we say something like "apply or release pressure." In fact, Bob breaks down the exercises into more detail than you're used to seeing. He does this so that you can understand just what the horse is thinking and doing, and to show you what you need to do in response to the horse's actions.

Many of the horse's actions are so subtle that you would miss them if Bob didn't point them out. And if you miss the subtlety, you may end up giving the horse the wrong message. Don't forget that horse's senses are very fine-tuned. Horses will pick up on all of our reactions (and take advantage of our wrong reactions) very quickly.

You'll want to watch each DVD several times just to pick up on the subtleties.

Our Video Lessons are Field Tested
Plus, our DVDs have been field-tested by people with young horses who wanted to start them and were looking for a good teaching tool. That's how we know that you can do these lessons yourself. Here's what another one of our customers told us:

This tape was not only the most detailed training video I've ever seen, but also the incremental steps flowed smoothly and understandably.
Karyn Bristow -- Cherry Hills Village, CO

Did your horse come with an owner's manual? Probably not. Well our DVDs are that missing manual. We not only teach the techniques of horse training but we explain the principles that the methods are based on. If you you understand the "why", then you know what to do when your horse acts or reacts in a way that you didn't expect.

Getting this DVD series is the single most important decision you'll make since you got your horse.

And our 100% money back guarantee makes it an easy decision. Click here for our guarantee to you.

If it were possible to teach you how to do the training/teaching process using just words, we'd have written a book. But this type of learning is best done by actually seeing, as well as hearing or reading. Our detailed video lesson is the next best thing to having a private lesson with Bob.

PLUS, Bonus Audios!
Bob and I spend hours reviewing each finished DVD to find anything we can explain in even more detail. We imagine being in YOUR position as you watch the DVD for the first time. Our goal: think of every question that you might come up with. Then we record our answers and give them to you as a Bonus Audio CD.

There are questions about the philosophy behind Bob's training methods as well as his views about other techniques. I even remembered the questions I had when I was first learning Bob's principles and I make sure Bob answers them.

We also pick out specific things in the DVD and go into them in more depth. It is like having your own personal conversation with Bob because the questions we pose, are the ones you would most likely ask yourself.

The Bonus Audio CD is also great for listening to while driving to or from the barn. Or, if you are lucky enough to have your horses at home, listen while you're mucking stalls.

Remember the cost of video lessons is far less than private lessons. Plus you can and will want to watch the video lessons over and over. And you will learn more each time you view them.

Order a DVD and we will include a Bonus Audio CD with your order. This audio is priceless in terms of how much info and food for thought it gives you.

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Establishing Control Part 1: Establishing Control of Your Horse
  • Discover the secrets of getting your horse's Attention, Respect and Trust.
  • Learn the ARTwork exercises.
  • Teach your horse to bend laterally.

Longeing Part 2: Creating Rhythm & Straightness on the Longe
  • Discover Bob's unique, non-verbal longeing method.
  • Improve your horse's gaits and rhythm.
  • Maintain calmness on the longe line.

Haltering the Foal Part 3: First Handling & Haltering of the Foal
  • Teach your foal to respect and trust you.
  • Teach your foal to stand still.
  • Teach your foal to accept your hands near his head.
  • Teach your foal to accept the halter near his head.
  • Be rewarded with a foal that calmly accepts handling & haltering.


Train your horse yourself. You will thank Bob and your horse will thank you!

Here's to "Building a Foundation You Can Ride On" with your own horse!

Mary Delton
Mary Delton

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